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The Product Feature of Geonet

The geotechnical network is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and anti-ultraviolet additives. It has anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics. It can effectively distribute loads in highway and railway subgrade. And it can further strengthen the bearing capacity and stability of subgrade and prolong its service life.

Laying geonets on the side of roads and railways can prevent rock and soil from slipping, maintain water and soil, and beautify the environment. The protection of the reservoir and the river dike to lay the geonet can effectively prevent the collapse. And in coastal engineering, it uses its softness and good permeability to cushion the impact energy of the waves.

Product Feature


1. Used for roadbed reinforcement. The granular packing and the mesh are interlocked to form a stable plane. It can prevent the filler from sinking and disperse the vertical load.

2. It can increase the stability of embankment and embankment filling and reduce the occupied area.

3. For pavement reinforcement, mesh and pavement materials are mixed together. It can transfer load usefully and prevent pavement cracks.


1. Used for protection of dikes and rock appearance. To prevent corrosion, prevent landslides, loose rocks, and soil erosion.

2. Used in river and roadside management projects. It has strong flexibility, good permeability, is free from seawater corrosion, and absorbs wave impact energy. Therefore, it can be made into a rectangular, square, tubular cage. Directly installed underwater for diversion and protection. No expensive diving operations are required during construction.

3. It can be used for shotcrete-anchor protection net around the tunnel.