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The Types of Geocell

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1. Riveted and plugged geocells require metal parts when connecting. After the geocell is buried in the foundation, the metal parts are easily corroded, which affects the strength of the cell and greatly reduces the service life of the product.
2. The welded geogrid chamber avoids the use of metal parts as the connecting piece, but the products produced by the ultrasonic welding production process have low welding point strength, limited welding point peeling force and shearing force, and it is difficult to meet the strength requirement. A relatively high construction area.
3. The hot-melt integral geocell is formed by melting the material of the sheet through the molten material to form a joint block, which avoids the corrosion problem of the metal part and improves the strength of the joint, but the sheet is extended. The positional strength of the block is very low and it is prone to breakage.
4. Lock-type geocells. It combines the advantages of all of the above products and overcomes the shortcomings of all of the above products. The specific advantages are as follows: the strength of the strip connection point is extremely high. The peeling force at the joint can reach 60-80kn/m, which is comparable to the peeling strength of the integral injection-type geocell. The connection point adopts a lock-type connection, and there is no sliding margin, thereby avoiding the strength reduction caused by the long-term uneven force of the connection point of the plug-in geocell. The connecting buckle is made of special high-strength engineering plastic, which has high strength, corrosion resistance, and lightweight. Its strip joint strength matches the strip strength. The connection method is unique. The connection point is a lock-type connection, the connection point is not only high strength but also detachable.