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The Usage of Drainage Board

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At present, many engineering teams have independently changed the original plan of using the drainage board, thinking that the expected drainage effect could not be achieved. The drainage board manufacturer believes that this has a great relationship with the use method of drainage board. If the construction is not conducted according to the standard laying rules, the drainage board will be damaged and cannot be used normally.

The following drainage board manufacturers on a brief description of the drainage board laid regulations:
1. Clean up on-site garbage and make cement leveling. (slope of underground garage and roof garden)
2. Laying waterproof layer of drainage board and rolling material.
3. Laying plastic mesh and non-woven geotextile.
4. Backfill the soil.

When backfilling the drainage system, in order to prevent the system from being damaged, backfilling needs to be backfilled from the periphery to the inside. The design procedure of the drainage board manufacturer is as follows:
1. Once the backfill is more than 300mm thick, it shall be tamped before walking vehicles.
2. Subsequent layered backfilling, each backfilling thickness can be 600mm thick.
3. Artificial planting soil with a thickness of 300-500mm shall be reserved and backfilled naturally.