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The Use Of Steel-Plastic Grille

The steel-plastic geogrid is a domestic innovative product with complete models. It has won a broad market with its plastic ductility and the robustness of steel. In railway construction, we often use steel-plastic geogrids to improve stability.
The conventional mesh size of steel-plastic geogrid is between 10-14.1 cm. Other mesh sizes can be customized according to customer requirements, including the number of steel wires, strip width, coil width, and can be customized to fully meet customer needs and limited materials. As a steel-plastic geogrid manufacturer, Taian Lianyi Material Co., Ltd. can meet the various needs of customers.
About plastic grille:
1. Separation: Separate the roadbed soil from the ballast to effectively prevent the soil from entering the ballast and sinking into the foundation.
2. Reinforcement: Make the load of the ballast evenly distributed on the road tomb and improve the bearing capacity of the top of the ballast.
3. Drainage: Through capillary action, drain the water falling on the road, strengthen the roadbed, improve the bearing capacity of the road tomb, and reduce line settlement
The steel-plastic geogrid has great advantages in performance, and the price is much lower than this, which has been recognized by many domestic enterprises. We produce a complete set of steel-plastic geogrids, from steel-plastic geogrids for roadbed reinforcement, to fiberglass geogrids for asphalt pavements, to two-way stretch plastic grids and warp-knitted polyester for railways e s. According to different road construction environments, different types of geogrids can be selected, which can not only ensure road quality, but also save costs.