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Why Use Rough Waterproof Plate on Slope

One of the design requirements of many large landfills is that the waterproof board on the slope must be rough. So, why is this requirement? This is because there have been accidents of landfill landslides in large areas in the past. The reason is that the smooth surface of the waterproof board is too smooth to cause landslide accident. Therefore, in the future design specifications, if the slope of the landfill is too steep, then it is necessary to use the rough waterproof board.

The rough waterproof board has the following advantages:

1. The rough surface of the waterproof board will increase the friction of the high quality hdpe green roof waterproofing drainage board. On the steep slope, it can prevent the waterproof board from sliding. Effectively ensure the safety of construction and the quality of the project in the future.

2. Coarse waterproofing board can enhance the composite force with geotextiles, make them more compact, improve the safety and stability of slope seepage control works, and also improve the seepage control effect.

3. Especially the second layer of geotextiles on the waterproof board can fully fit and increase the adhesion of geotextiles, making the process of laying geotextiles more convenient and faster, and improving the overall progress of the project.